Palermo / 2019

Cassata Drone Expanded Archive: 

g. olmo stuppia
Alterazioni Video
Il Pavone
curated by
Izabela Anna Moren
and Giuseppina Vara

            A poetic survey that makes tangible the invisible tensions hidden in the layers of Sicily, specifically focusing on the aesthetics and implications of the adjacent US Naval Base Sigonella and the mythological heart of the island, Mount Etna. Partly a continuation of the artistic research project Cassata Drone, the installation gives life to a performative environment where sound, light, video, photography and geological matter are directed towards a close observation of the desolated and the un/regrettable.

Il Pavone, Tribute to a Dying Drone, 2019

           The epynomous bilingual publication was edited and published by Izabela Anna Moren and Giuseppina Vara. Contributions by Analogique Studio, Cesare Biasini Selvaggi, Rita Bonfiglio, Francesco Buonerba, Claire Fontaine, Bruno Camargo, Barbara Cammarata, Alexander Darkish, Carmelo Lucchesi, Izabela Anna Moren, Ignazio Mortellaro, Katiuscia Pompili, Raqs Media Collective, Giovanni Rendina, Mariella Rossi, Sasvatii Santamaria, g. olmo stuppia, Vincenzo Stuppia, Giuseppina Vara, Ilenia Vecchio.

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